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Continuing to Make Berks Better for You


Our Commitment to Berks County
We get it! Groceries, gas and housing costs are high. Berks County Government is fighting inflation by growing our economy, keeping taxes low and serving you. 

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Growing Berks County's Economy

​With its growing and prospering economy, Berks County has more opportunities and more revenue streams working towards a better place for you and your family.

Unemployment is Down: The Berks County unemployment rate is down to 3.6%*

Businesses are Growing: Existing businesses have expanded and new businesses have opened, helping to increase revenue by nearly $2 million.

Jobs are Better: Nearly 2,500 jobs have been added in the last year alone.

Working to restore passenger rail service: This will benefit Reading and Berks County.

Growing Aviation at The Reading Regional Airport: Making RDG the #1 regional airport in PA

*Source: Berks County Labor Force Outlook Report, July 2023

It's YOUR Money

Our #1 Priority is taking care of YOU and ensuring that the Berks County government works to protect your money!

Keeping Taxes Low 

Controlling Spending and Debt 

Top Rated Financial County

Berks County was just reaffirmed as a Top Rated Financial County by Moody’s Investor Service making Berks one of only THREE counties in Pennsylvania with a Moodys Aaa rating and in the top 4% of counties nationwide.


Protecting Your Tax Dollars

Control Spending Keeping Your County Taxes Low

Support the Elimination of Both School & County Property Taxes

Oppose County Reassessment

Keep Berks as 1 of the 3 Best Financially Managed Counties in PA (Moody’s Aaa rating)

Reelect Commissioners Rivera & Leinbach
Check our our Contract with Berks County

Congressman Dan Meuser (9th District)

“Christian and Michael are strong conservatives that manage Berks County in the interest of the taxpayers. They understand the limited role of government. I encourage you to re-elect Commissioners Rivera and Leinbach"
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