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Our Pledge is to the People of Berks County

We will continue to bring common sense, conservative principles to county government. We believe our approach protects taxpayers and provides county government that our residents can be proud of. 
Fiscal Responsibility

We are committed to keeping fiscal responsibility as the number one goal of Berks County. Now, more than ever, we need to manage the county's finances so we can continue to keep county property taxes low and yet make sure that Berks County Government is run efficiently.


We are committed to making sure the people of Berks County know what we are doing and why. All regular public meetings are both in-person and online. We also are improving access to key department information throughout the year via a new county publication scheduled for early 2023.

Election Integrity

Your vote matters. We are committed to elections that our people can trust. Berks County has been a leader in providing security that the law does not require but that we believe is critical relative to the electoral process.

No Reassessment

Now is not the time for reassessment. There has been no consideration of a reassessment in Berks County.

Criminal Justice

The new jail project is being placed on hold due to serious cost concerns. We are committed to utilize this "pause" to carefully review the proposed size of the jail now and into the future.

Economic Development

For the first time in our history we have an economic development strategy for Berks County. It addresses rural, suburban, and urban areas of the county, and includes job retention and growth as well as workforce development. Implementation is already underway.


We support projects that are critical to  access to this region and beyond. That is why we support the completion of the 222 North project to connect with the Lehigh Valley, the West Shore Bypass (422 around Reading), and continuing to work towards the restoration of passenger rail service between Reading/Philadelphia/New York and DC, and strengthening the aviation value of the Reading Regional Airport.


Agriculture is a constant in the Berks County economy. It's a critical part of our history, the present, and our future. We support our agricultural economy through our Berks County Dept. of AG and our Agricultural Land Preservation program. We are committed to efforts to promote "buying local" and supporting our extremely diverse local ag economy both in ag production, processing, wholesaling, and retailing.


We are committed to the truth. When we make decisions we seek the data, the facts and in short, the truth and act in accordance with what we learn. When we make mistakes, we own them and we do not try to blame others for our failures. We do not hide, and we will not run. We listen, we learn, and, in the end, we tell the truth and take actions consistent with the truth.

Image by Aaron Burden

Support the team with a proven track record.
Vote Rivera & Leinbach on May 16

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